About Us

 You know the old adage; Better – Faster – Cheaper... Well, with us it’s pick three.


We minimise our costs and overheads which means we can pass these savings on to our client. We have in-depth knowledge and expertise along with effective and efficient working methods.


We started as a solutions provider trading in 1997 in order to support our customers with all manner of noise and vibration applications. Since then we have expanded into what is arguably the largest independent multidisciplinary firm in acoustics in the UK.


The team at NSL can provide a one stop shop to solve all aspects of noise and vibration and add real value to your projects. 

What we do

 We often assist developers in the very early stages of development prior to planning in order to iron out future issues. Our in-depth knowledge of the NPPF and other planning guidance makes us an ideal partner for your planning application and environmental statement submission.


Our past experience dealing with noise problems after handover means that our advice during the detailed design and construction process will be flawless in what we like to refer to as Hindsight Consultancy. 


Our monitoring department can ensure efficient real-time monitoring of various important aspects during construction or operation and our testing department can validate the design and ensure workmanship standards are up to scratch.


Our hardware department can design, manufacture, deliver and install any required measures needed to control noise such as attenuators, acoustic enclosures, acoustic louvres, noise barriers and absorptive panels. Even though we can easily accommodate large off the shelf products we specialise in bespoke solutions and commisions as these drive our creative urge to develop innovative solutions. 


Our Clients