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Arched Louvre Plant Room



Due to the location of nearby noise sensitive receptors, the plant had to be located indoors. The client requested a “sneaky” alternative design as the authorities were causing complexities and serious concerns with all the applications previously submitted (and subsequently refused permission).


Internally, every inch of space was important to the clients which restricted a number of alternative solutions.


NSL found out that behind the existing louvres, there was an old passageway discarded by the previous owners. In this passageway there were structural columns and all manner of obstacles which required the area to be completely reworked.


We designed, manufactured and installed louvres with a standard blade, low level intake and reverse bladed configuration on discharge, which allows the airflow to be separated internally. The louvres are also beautifully arched to the exact profile of the adjoining masonry wall.


These external weather louvres are completely water tight with noise attenuation (splitters) being fitted internally; with appropriate plenums to keep airflow separation for the respective items of plant.


Due to the differing heights internally, we provided the necessary supporting steelwork to ensure plant could be correctly supported with full maintenance access provided. All noise emission target criteria were met and a visual striking solution was implemented.