Building Services Acoustics

This area is one of our strongest offerings. A great deal of advanced engineering knowledge is required in the prediction and assessment of noise and vibration associated with Building Services. In addition, the differences involved in final physical solutions between various manufacturers has created procurement problems in the tender stage. This has resulted in a diminished role for the acoustic consultant during the detailed design. It is now common to simply provide an acoustic specification at Stage 4 and the design and build is left to the successful contractor.


NSL can provide the dual role of the consultant and the design and build subcontractor. Even though the two departments can work seamlessly together there are many projects where the consultants work independently from the hardware department and vice versa. This is one example of the versatile offering of our services.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, hot and cold water services, electrical generation systems, lift and escalator systems are all potential sources of undesirable noise and/or vibration.


Ductborne crosstalk weaknesses as well as the basic requirement for plantroom wall/slab thicknesses or even isolation of slabs in lightweight building structures are all important. Unfortunately, noise control of building services does not simply involve the placement of attenuators at various points in a system. In an typical system, the acoustic consultant must have awarenesss of the complete design. Only on this basis can comprehensive recommendations be made regarding duct velocities, damper locations, terminal device selections and other potential issues.


The generic solutions which may or may not match the needs of a specific system have no place in today's building.