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Arts and Culture

We provide the full range of acoustic design services to meet the bespoke client requirements, for buildings housing museums, galleries and other facilities where items are presented.

As these spaces are mainly designed for the visual impact we ensure that suitable background sound levels are prevalent (either due to noise ingress or building services noise) and ensure that spaces are not too reverberant (through clever hiding of absorptive treatment).

Performance Spaces

We can also assist with the design of various types of auditoria and performance venues of all types.

We combine involved technical analysis with sophisticated 3D room acoustics modelling tools. We value the aspirations of the architect and aim to closely work around their visual aspirations for the space.

Recording Studios

With our extensive knowledge of acoustics in small spaces, building services noise control and sound insulation we ensure that the finished rooms are fit for purpose and enhance rather than obstruct the creative process of the users​