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Extended deliveries



In order to improve the efficiency of various stores, a large supermakert chain decided to revisit the situation in relation to goods deliveries by large articulated trucks during the noise sensitive hours.


An extended goods delivery window at the store, comprising quiet deliveries at night-time and also during the “shoulders” of the day (i.e. prior to opening, after closing), away from peak periods, can potentially offer significant environmental and social benefits. Moving delivery activity out of peak periods removes heavy goods vehicles from congested locations and can help reduce vehicle emissions and lead to improvements in both local air quality and local road safety. Doing so, in turn, lessens daytime disturbance and allows quiet deliveries to become the norm.


The advantages include reduced congestion, improved road safety, improved air quality and reduced carbon emissions.


NSL took advantage of the recent update in BS4142:2014 in order to undertake assessments of the delivery noise impact at a variety of stores.


The assessment has successfully enabled the supermarket to extend the store delivery hours for the majority of the stores without any restrictions in relation to the timing of the deliveries.


Suitable delivery management plans were put forward as well as input into the documents required to legally allow the extensions.


The noise impact assessments were undertaken for stores in Abingdon, Exeter, Parkstone, Wellington, West Byfleet, Surbiton, Marylebone, John Barnes, Romsey, Maidenhead, Wilmslow and Malmesbury thus illustrating the reach of our commissions throughout the UK.​

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