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Multi-storey Housing



Caledonian House has been vacant for a few years, the building is in a declining state.


Our client bought the site in order to demolish the existing office building and erect a new residential building comprising 95 apartments, rear courtyard and underground car park.


The scheme comprises of an ‘L’ shaped building designed to create a strong frontage to the main road with a prominent corner element to the junction with West Street. The height steps up towards the corner to create a landmark presence at St Albans Road. Architectural features could further accentuate this corner.


The shape of the building will also ensure that incident road traffic levels at the rear courtyard are reduced significantly and thus creating a pleasant environment for relaxation and exercise for the residents.


The building directly fronts onto St Albans road. Incident road traffic noise levels were therefore exceptionally high. Obtaining planning permission under the previous regime (PPG24) would have been very difficult. We used our deep understanding of the provisions in the NPPF and our technical expertise in order to showcase suitable assessment criteria and then offer numerous solutions in relation to the build-up of the external building fabric. All 4 ventilation systems under Approved Document F were analysed and corresponding sound reduction performance levels for the glazing and non-vision wall was produced. In addition, a bespoke solution was proposed in relation to the risk of overheating in order to ensure that significant adverse effects on health and quality of life will not occur.​