Monitoring / Noise, dust, vibration monitoring 

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Finally, solar powered Remote Noise, Vibration and Dust Monitoring from £75 a week and we can also monitor structural movements for added comfort.


We have been monitoring noise, vibration and dust for more than a decade now. Finally, gone are the days of the weekly visits to change the batteries, download the data, go back into the office, write up a report, analyse the results and post the report to the client. Before you ask, alarm sirens were set up on site in case certain trigger values were exceeded. All this manpower did cost a lot which meant that only a few developments with large budgets could benefit from the service of continuous monitoring. Small budget developments would often have to work with sporadic monitoring which left them exposed to litigation and interventions from the local authority.


Continuous monitoring of noise, vibration and dust levels is generally associated with demolition and construction works. It is mostly a requirement by local authorities, however more and more contractors and developers provide this measure before being asked by the local authority as they recognise the numerous benefits.

Finally, technology has moved on and now continuous real time monitoring is achievable and has proven to be a cost effective alternative to manned visits. Solar panels can be utilized to provide power and all data are uploaded on a website for real time reporting of all parameters. Automatic alerts can be programed to be send via email to interested parties.


We have also provided continuous monitoring for industrial sites (for demonstrating compliance), outdoor music venues, motoring events, wind farms, neighbouring nuisance cases etc..