Case Studies

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Office Reuse

A vacant office block in a Sussex town centre was to be redeveloped into residential flats.


An existing public house – occupying the ground floor and part of the first floor – was to be retained, raising concerns from the local authority regarding possible noise intrusion from the pub. Although the existing premises does not play amplified or live music, possible future tenants of the ground floor are not prevented from doing so by the lease or planning conditions.


NSL undertook early-morning investigative sound insulation testing between the pub and the empty office space, along with a survey of noise levels from the mechanical services plant serving the kitchen and back of house operations. An assessment of potential music noise breakout was undertaken and an appropriate level of sound insulation established.


Advice was then provided to the developer regarding the separating wall and floor treatments necessary to satisfy the requirements of the local authority in addition to Approved Document E of the Building Regulations. Particular attention was needed where new walls separating adjacent flats abutted the office facades with significant glazing. Requirements for glazing to prevent noise intrusion from the pub’s plant were also specified.


Prior to completion of the residential fit-out, further airborne and impact sound insulation testing was undertaken between premises to demonstrate that compliance had been achieved.