Planning and Noise

The previous policy and technical advice on planning and noise matters which was contained in PPG 24 has been cancelled. New concepts such as ‘LOAEL and SOAEL’ have been introduced to the assessment, management and control of noise via the planning system. However, whilst new policy objectives have been introduced, supporting technical advice and guidance is largely missing and Government has advised that it does not intend to provide such technical guidance. This is leading to uncertainty for developers, regulators and their advisers alike regarding the approach to take. In the absence of clear guidance, there is an increased risk that development may be mistakenly refused and constrained by local authorities.


In this current area of uncertainties, the expert advice by NSL is of great importance.


In one of our winning cases (in a public inquiry) the closing statement by the QC on the case included the following:

“Mr [opposite on noise] is hopelessly out of date in his approach to noise assessment. His constant statements about PPG24 and its use by other EHOs around the country would appear to reveal that unfortunately he is not alone. But the fact that a group of acousticians have failed to understand the sea-change in planning policy and noise that has occurred is no excuse not to apply the correct policy approach now”.