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Plant Noise Impact



Undertaking plant noise impact assessments is the bread and butter for most independent noise consultancies. All building services plant in urban areas have the potential to interfere with the enjoying of neighbouring property. Due to this, most local authorities have relevant policies in their local plans and a set of typical conditions which they attach in planning permissions.


The typical requirements of local authorities relate the plant noise levels with the prevailing background sound levels at the most affected noise sensitive premises. Due to this, a site visit to undertake an environmental noise survey is commonplace procedure.

Plant noise impact assessment in Westminster require a noise survey over at least 24 hours, in order to determine the applicable criteria. Un-attended noise surveys are the norm, using automated logging sound level meters which are housed in a Peli case with an additional external battery.

When the Cabinet office in Whitehall was refurbished, a number of outdoor heat pumps were required to be placed in the courtyard between the building housing the Cabinet office and No 10 Downing Street, the home of the ruling prime minister.

When a reliable, trustworthy and efficient company was sought to undertake the works at such a high security risk location, NSL’s name was top on the list. After submitting a competitive quotation, NSL was appointed to visit the site twice for the purposes of the survey and plant noise impact assessment.

Aside of the great credentials NSL has in dealing with confidential and high security risk projects we also have unrivalled knowledge of propagation characteristics of small outdoor plant installations and unique measures for appropriate noise control taking into consideration airflow requirements (and not just looking at the noise impact alone). In this project, the assessment has shown that noise controls measures will not be necessary as the plant was carefully located at a position which resulted in the least cumulative plant noise impact to overlooking windows.

If we are chosen to advice the government on plant noise issues, we can surely guarantee to provide a great service for your needs.