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Primary School



A School in Farnham received considerable funding from Surrey County Council in order to increase in size from September 2016. The school is also going to construct new sporting facilities in line with the Olympic Legacy in order to benefit both the school and the community.

Phase 1 was completed in 2013 and design for Phase 2 was completed in 2014. However, the design for Phase 3 was scheduled for 2015.


 We supported the proposals via the planning process and also the engineering design. During the engineering design work for this project, BB93 “acoustic design of schools - performance standards” was updated and the new document included quite a few differences compared to the old version. Therefore Phases 1 and 2 were designed based on the old version of BB93 and Phases 2 and 4 using the current version. Therefore we had to come to terms with the new proposals in BB93 rapidly in order to prepare the required assessments and also to explain to the rest of the design team the differences in the design which came about due to the new regulations. This was a great testing ground of the new and updated BB93 and the real life feedback was positive as it was deemed that the new provisions were more practical and convenient and in places necessarily more complex (i.e. ventilation provisions).