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Retail and Leisure

Leisure, retail and mixed use developments have been our strongest sector. Leisure activities can generate high levels of noise and retail uses require building services which can generate noise and vibration. When you mix high noise activities (restaurants, public houses, nightclubs, casinos, multiplex cinemas, bowling, supermarkets etc.) with noise sensitive receptors (hotel and residential accommodation), noise problems are created.


Over the years, we have amassed a huge database of various source noise levels which we combine with our understanding of sound propagation through and into structures and our comprehension of local authority and statutory requirements to provide suitable design solutions.


Our knowledge of the pitfalls and cost effective solutions is often invaluable to the client.


We can assist in the planning stage to ensure that problems do not arise later on but even if we are brought in after the problems have arisen, it is a great consolation to our clients that we have a hardware department which can cost effectively design, manufacture, supply and install physical solutions to these problems, often working continuously and through the night in order for a tight deadline to be met or to stop ongoing financial penalties following a noise abatement notice.