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Retail Park



Planning Permission has been received for a new Retail Park in Farnborough.


The permission contains two conditions relevant to acoustics.


One condition stipulates that a scheme must be approved by the local authority prior to the occupation of any retail unit which will demonstrate a satisfactory noise and vibration impact from fixed plant (at nearby receptors and adjoining units).


Another condition specified a certain BREEAM level for the development, and the BREEAM assessor confirmed that the two relevant acoustic credits would be targeted.


In order to eliminate the risk to the development proposals from the relevant condition, NSL contacted the local planning authority in order to agree in writing a set of objective numerical criteria in relation to noise and vibration that each tenant separately will have to achieve in order for the cumulative impact to be considered acceptable. The agreed methodology was translated into a suitable tenant’s handbook (for the lease agreement) with specific guidance on the procedure the tenants have to follow in order to satisfy the requirements in relation to acoustics. This way, our client’s asset was sufficiently protected and any future issues in relation to noise annoyance eliminated by the clear and precise wording in the tenant’s handbook.


As the consultants at NSL satisfy BREEAM’s definition of a Suitably Qualified Acoustician, a detailed review of the core and shell build up was undertaken (in relation to noise break in) in order to offer an assessment leading to the award of the credit under HEA05 of BREEAM (2014 - new construction).