Subcontracting Consultancy

We often offer our services on an ‘unbranded’ sub-consultancy basis to leading engineering and environmental consulting firms.


Large multidisciplinary firms often lack the specialist knowledge required or need assistance for large projects (or to cope with demand for busy periods).


As our rates are similar to one-man-band operations and freelancers but with plenty of resources, we have often helped out with just the field work (noise/vibration surveys, sound testing) or provided a full assessment (e.g. Noise and Vibration Chapter for the ES).


We regularly provide our services, even when the firm already has an acoustics department, for small assessments (in the region of £1-£2k), as large firms find it difficult to make any profit out of these small assignments based on their higher hourly rate charges and complex internal auditing systems which are mostly geared towards larger projects.

 Our services are provided on a fixed price basis which ensures that cost overruns do not incur. The costs savings from using an in-house team are passed directly on to the project which makes for happy project managers.


The modern way of working, with remote access, flexible working arrangements and the dominance of email correspondence means that using NSL for your noise/vibration work is similar to using an in-house team. We will even throw in a few face to face meetings for free.