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Timber Screen with Acoustic Louvres

Apart from the noise impact associated with the new plant installation, the visual impact of the proposals created many objections from the local authority and surrounding residents (as the site was located in a conservation area). All previous suggestions by other companies were firmly opposed.


The client approached NSL after spending thousands on alternative designs in order to come up with a solution. We suggested that an acceptable solution may be to provide an acoustic natural wooden screen using tongue and groove timber cladding supported on 100 x 100 mm treated timber posts with suitable base plates and PVC cladding flashing. The nominal dimensions of the screen are 10,500mm (W) x 4,300mm returns on both sides. The overall height being 2,700mm.


Within this front elevation 6No acoustic louvres nominally 1,800mm wide x 2,200mm high were provided to ensure the necessary airflow rates were met and the low level ambient air introduction through these louvres ensured maximum velocity below 2m/s was maintained, which allowed the plant to operate with minimum external resistance whilst sufficient noise reduction was achieved.


For maintenance and access only one personnel door was provided with quality door furniture.


We used pressurised treated battens with exterior Russian birch plywood internally and treated redwood tongue and groove timber cladding as this was deemed to be visually acceptable.


Due to access restraints, all materials were manhandled onto the roof. All steelwork was provided in a bolted format which allowed us a simple connection to the client’s existing roof steels.


Throughout the installation period, cortex and shuttering plywood was used to provide roof protection.


We used lightweight mag drills to form all necessary holes for the new connections. This improved assembly time as all new components could be sent to site pre-drilled ready for assembly. The solution was approved by a delighted local community and local authority personnel. In fact there were comments which suggested that this screen now looks better than the surrounding building.