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The most widespread source of environmental noise is road traffic. We provide specialist acoustic input with respect to assessing the impact of existing and future road traffic noise for planning purposes. We prepare assessments based on the aims of the NPPF and use guidance from various documents including the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges, the Noise Insulation Regulations and the Calculation of Road Traffic Noise memorandum. We prepare detailed road traffic noise assessment reports which are mainly incorporated into an Environmental Statement and we use computer modelling for the calculations in order to speed up the process.​


The assessment of noise associated with existing or proposed rail schemes is similar to the process taken to assess noise from road traffic. However, the main difference with rail schemes is that they are associated with the generation of significant levels of vibration which can affect nearby sensitive premises.


Our extensive experience in train induced vibration impact includes the detailed prediction and assessment of tactile vibration levels and re-radiated noise in nearby buildings and the design of suitable mitigation measures taking into consideration various variables.


NSL are also experienced in the assessment of aircraft noise. Using specialised computer modelling techniques (using CADNA following the sudden demise of the popular INM software), we can undertake detailed analysis to determine current and future environmental noise contours around airports whatever their size.

The predictions are used for a number of assessments for new residential premises, local plan incorporation, nuisance complaints, future expansion proposals etc..